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Teaching Learning Center 131 
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Office of Records Management
Pitman Center (SUB)
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Administration Building 
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Fax: (208) 885-7539

Critical issues and Areas Focus

Progress and Update from 2011-12

Progress/success occurred during the 2011-12 in a number of the areas previously identified as critical. These include:

  • Implementation of Blackboard
  • Development of Research Data Center (NKN -- Northwest Knowledge Network)
  • Implementation of Server Registration process and accompanying standards
  • Implementation of Review process
  • Implementation of service and funding models for video-conferencing  (continuing)

In addition to progress in the above areas, the membership was further strengthened with broader university representation including the addition of a faculty liaison, a student liaison, a Regional Center/Outreach liaison, and a representative from Budget and Planning.  With these additions and with the transitions of a new Vice President for Finance and Administration and a new Chief Information Officer, the infrastructure and focus is more stabilized and better positioned to move ahead.

Critical Issues and Areas for 2012-13


AGIT previously identified several critical issues and areas in addition to those noted above.  Along with these efforts, Information Technology Services has recently completed a Strategic Plan that includes strategic initiatives as well as long term initiatives.   For the coming year, in addition to moving ahead with the implementation of the review process, focus areas for discussion and recommendation should be identified at key intersections of these efforts.

ITS Strategic Initiatives (related to AGIT Issues)

  • 13-6: Implement federated identity management
  • 13-7: Implement new data storage
  • 13-8: Implement new data back-up
  • 13-17: Create an ITS service catalog
  • 13-22: Identify duplication of technology services at UI and make recommendations on remediation steps
  • 13-26: Develop institutional standards for laptops, desktops, scanners and printers and a process for the regular update of the standard

ITS Long Term Initiatives (related to AGIT issues)

  • Lead creation of UI Technology Services catalog
  • Implement security recommendations from the security audit of FY13
  • Develop a computer and data security awareness program
  • Implement a formal Project Management Office (PMO) and project portfolio management for all technology projects
  • Lead the development and implementation of an overall reporting and business intelligence plan

AGIT – Critical Issues from 2011-12 (in addition to those implemented above)

Relevant ITS initiative noted in ()

  • Identify and recommend institutional standards (AGIT) (13-26)
  • Stabilize and understand current environment including define and document:
    • Data Policies and Practices (13-7 and 13-8)
    • Security Policies and Practices (Long term)
    • Technology Inventory (Long term)
    • Service Portfolios (13-17)
    • Institutional Priorities
  • Initiate institutional discussion, define common direction and initiate processes for :
    • Business Process Management /Improvement (Long term)
    • Business Intelligence – ODS/EDW and Reporting tools (Long Term)
    • Identity and Access Management (13-6)
  • Engage, inform and educate university community regarding technology issues through AGIT and AGIT Workgroups.

Recommended Focus Areas for 2012-13

  • Complete implementation and integration of  review process into university practices
  • Reduction / elimination of duplication through the development of standards, policies, and practices 
  • Engage, inform and educate university community regarding technology issues – including working with ITS to identify relevant issues for the University of Idaho.

Note: Specific goals will be defined in upcoming AGIT meetings for each of the focus areas.   In addition on-going updates and tracking will then continue throughout the year toward the defined goals


  • Priorities for the 2012-13 academic year include Focus Areas for AGIT as well as the ITS Strategic Initiatives.
  • The ITS Long Term Initiatives, related 2011-12 Critical issues and defining the process for establishing institutional priorities should  be addressed  after the above priorities.
  • The development of institutional level long term strategic plans and direction should be deferred at least one year pending progress and success of the above.

10/08/12 – SRN