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Teaching Learning Center Room 128
Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm
Phone: (208) 885-4357 (HELP) 


ITS Administration Offices
Administration Building
Room 140
875 Perimeter Drive MS 3155
Moscow, ID 83844-3155
Phone: (208) 885-6721
Fax: (208) 885-7539

Media Center

Teaching Learning Center 131 
Phone: (208) 885-6411
Fax: (208) 885-0566

Records Management

Office of Records Management
Pitman Center (SUB)
Room 53
875 Perimeter Drive MS 4247
Moscow, ID 83844-4247
phone: (208) 885-2580

Current Hours of Operation
Mon: 7:30-4:30pm
Tue: 7:30-11:30am
Wed: 7:30-11:30am
Thur: 7:30-11:30am

Vandal Cards

Pitman Center (SUB)
Room 124
875 Perimeter Drive MS 4256
Moscow, ID 83844-4256
Phone: (208) 885-7522
Fax: (208) 885-9208

Telephone Services

Administration Building 
Room 133
875 Perimeter Drive MS 3155
Moscow, ID 83844-3155
Phone: (208) 885-5800
Fax: (208) 885-7539

Wireless Certificate Change

ITS is updating the AirVandalGold wireless security certificate due to the old one expiring in several weeks. The change-over was implemented on March 19th. Because the certificate is a different type with a different name (wireless.uidaho.edu versus sacs1.its.uidaho.edu), most devices will throw a warning that a new certificate was detected. Most devices simply require a confirmation from the user to allow the certificate, but some may require more complicated steps. Check below for your operating system to see how you will need to proceeded after March 19th to retain connectivity.

Unfortunately, some machines may require additional steps to re-connect to AirVandalGold. If you do not get the prompts above, or can not connect, take the following steps:

On a Windows machine:

  1. Connect to the AirVandalGuest wireless network using the password GoVandals!
  2. Open Internet Explorer and browse to https://directory.uidaho.edu
  3. This will update your security certificate. Now disconnect from AirVandalGuest
  4. Connect to AirVandalGold and you should be prompted with a new security certificate prompt - click connect.

On a Apple OS X machine:

  1. Open system preferences by clicking the Apple icon in the top menu and selecting System Preferences
  2. Select Profiles and Network Profiles if you have them.
  3. You should see a list of profiles - one or more of which should be AirVandalGold. Remove all of them.
  4. Connect to AirVandalGold.
  • Windows 7 and 8
      Windows 7 and Windows 8 will come up with similar prompts about the certificate credentials not being validated. You will be presented with an option to either Terminate or Connect to the network. Simply click connect to accept the new certificate and connect to AirVandalGold.
  • Apple OS X
    Much like Windows and iOS devices, laptops running Apple's OS X (10.6 and higher) will see a prompt warning them that authentication to AirVandalGold has stopped because of a new certificate. Click the Show Certificate button and make sure that the option always trust wireless.uidaho.edu is checked - otherwise you will be prompted with this pop-up every time you connect to AirVandalGold.

    Once you verify the box is checked, click continue to accept the certificate and reconnect to AirVandalgold.
  • iOS (iPhones and iPads)

    The Apple iOS operating system on your iPhone or iPad will simply pop up a warning, which you can view below, stating that a new External CA Root certificate has been detected on this network and wants to be installed. Double-check that the name of the certificate is wireless.uidaho.edu and click the accept button - the certificate will be accepted and your device should connect without any further issues.

  • Android

    Depending on your version of Android (both version number and if you have a modified version such as Samsung TouchWiz or HTC SenseUI), your Android device may either simply connect with the new certificate , throw up a prompt similar to iOS or simply refuse to connect until you re-create a new authenticated connection.

    Because of the variability, we recommend all Android users create a fresh, new connection profile for AirVandalGold.

    1. Open your wireless connections and holding down your finger on the AirVandalGold profile until a menu comes up with the option to Forget Profile. Click forget profile.

    2. Click AirVandalGold to create a new connection profile. Make sure your...
    • EAP Method is set to PEAP
    • Phase 2 Authentication is set to MSCHAPV2
    • Identity is your NetID username
    • Password is your NetID password
    3. Click Connect to connect to AirVandalGold. The new certificate will be automatically accepted.