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Self-Help: Outlook Calendar Sharing

Outlook Calendar Sharing

This tutorial applies to the following operating system(s):

(Click for device-specific instructions)

Windows        Macintosh


This Information Technologies Services video will demonstrate how to share calendars with contacts in Outlook 2013 for Windows and Outlook 2011 for OS X.

Windows Outlook Calendar Sharing

Step 1

Select the Calendar tab.

Step 2

Next, select Share Calendar and the Sharing Invitation window will appear.

Enter the email addresses of the contacts with whom you are sharing the calendar.

Step 3

Under the Details tab, select either Availability Only, Limited Details, or Full Details to control how much of the calendar your contact will view.

Once you have finished, click Send. For assistance with more detailed permissions management, please contact the ITS help Desk.

Macintosh Outlook Calendar Sharing

Step 1

Click on Calendar, then select Permissions to open the Folder Properties window.

Step 2

Click Add User and enter the address of the contact with whom you want to share the calendar and click Find.

Step 3

Select the contact address and click OK.

Step 4

You can then adjust Read and Permission Levels for your contact.

When you are done, click OK.