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Qualifying for J-1 Student Status

J-1 student status might be possible if one of the following conditions is met:

1. You or your program is financed directly or indirectly by the U.S. government, your home government, or an international organization of which the U.S. is a member;

2. The exchange program is based on an agreement between the U.S. and another government;

3. The exchange program is based on a written agreement between: a) the University of Idaho and a foreign educational institution, b) the University of Idaho and a foreign government, or c) a U.S. state or local government and a foreign government; or

4. You are supported substantially by funding from any source other than personal or family funds.

being admitted to the University
, students are asked to provide a Form DS-2019 at their visa interview. International Student, Scholar and Faculty Services (ISSFS) will only issue Form DS-2019 for J-1 status once it confirms the following:

  1. The student has proficiency in the English language;
  2. The student demonstrates that he or she has funding to cover the cost of attending the University of Idaho; and
  3. The application and all required supporting documents are received and original.

Citizens of countries with an official language of English are not required to demonstrate English language proficiency. Proficiency in the English language is most often demonstrated through standardized testing.

Once an international student receives Form DS-2019 he or she may apply for an F-1 visa stamp. If residing in the U.S. in an eligible nonimmigrant status, a student may also change status in the U.S.

All J-1 students must pursue a full-time course of study unless otherwise specifically authorized by the ISSFS and sponsoring agency. The ISSFS must be informed of and approve of any drop below full time. Full-time status for undergraduates is 12 credit hours per semester. Full-time status for graduate students is 9 credit hours per semester.

J-1 Exchange Students
J-1 Visiting and Degree Students