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Brad White
Director of Internal Audit Services

phone: (208) 885-2133
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Mail Stop 3171
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Using the Hotline

Make a Difference

University employees can confidentially report concerns about suspected issues of illegal, unethical, and irresponsible acts. These acts impact the university in several ways: personal safety and security can be at risk; financial losses reduce opportunity to maximize the potential of the university; and certain noncompliant activities could result in potential legal or regulatory penalties. It is everyone’s responsibility to help prevent these activities. You can “Make a Difference” by speaking up.


Employees may remain anonymous when calling the Confidential Hot Line. If the caller opts to remain anonymous, no effort will be made to identify the caller. If callers choose to provide their name, the report will still be considered confidential and privileged to the extent possible under applicable laws. Please provide as much detail as possible to allow investigation of the allegation.


University policy prohibits employees from engaging in retaliatory conduct against those perceived to have made a report of unethical, illegal and unsafe acts or those who provide information as a witness to such acts. Reports to the hotline must be made in good faith. Employees who intentionally and maliciously file false allegations shall be subject to disciplinary action.

When to Use the Hotline

Employees should use the Confidential Hot Line when they are dissatisfied with their supervisor’s response to a concern about such acts, or if they fear retaliation by their supervisor. In other words, call the Confidential Hot Line when you are unable to use normal administrative channels for voicing concerns about illegal, unethical and irresponsible activities.

When Not to Use the Hotline

The Confidential Hot Line should not be used to report employee grievances related to complaints about working conditions, performance evaluations, work hours or wages, unless the particular issue could be illegal, unethical or irresponsible.


The Confidential Hot Line service is provided by a contracted company. The caller will be greeted by an employee of the company who will take the information. Once the call is complete, the company will send a report to a designated university employee within 24 hours.

Alternate Process

Employees can report concerns directly to the Internal Auditor by telephone or mail: (208) 885-2133, campus zip 3171. Please provide sufficient details to allow investigation of the allegation.

File Report Online

After processing the report, The network will provide information to designated university representatives for action, Reports are handled promptly and discreetly. More

Report by Phone

(800) 775-1056

Call toll-free 24 hours a day, seven days a week. More