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Alistar Smith

Alistair Smith
Assistant Professor, Forest Measurements Director, Forest and Rangeland Measurements Lab College of Natural Resources

Like the wildfire smoke he studies, Alistair Smith is a rising force at the University of Idaho. A nationally recognized expert on remote sensing, smoke management and air quality, he collaborates closely with the National Park Service and other fire agencies to improve smoke management, training and public education across the United States. Smith is currently leading an interdisciplinary team of scientists – supported in part by a $1.2 million grant from NASA – to study the ecological and social impacts of extreme wild land fires in the Northern Rockies.

“The only way we can get light-year advances – to see quantum leaps forward – is to bring disciplines together. When you work solely in your discipline, yes, you’re an expert. But when you bridge across disciplines and work together to solve problems, that’s where the real transformations happen.”
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