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Integrated Research Innovation Center

The Integrated Research and Innovation Center at the University of Idaho will host discovery-based or interdisciplinary research across a broad spectrum of science, engineering and other disciplines.

The IRIC will feature flexible laboratory, office and meeting space that can be adapted for use by faculty, staff and student researchers from across the university. The building also includes a state-of-the-art visualization laboratory, as well as space for core research facilities, equipment, video conferencing and other specialized needs.

IRIC View from mall

The IRIC is the university’s premier research facility and the showcase for a crossroads of advanced idea-generation and research addressing a constantly changing array of problems facing the world today. Researchers and facilities housed in the building will produce world-class research, innovative approaches and new knowledge that will serve to create a greater good across the university and the world.

The IRIC will stand as evidence of the university’s commitment to cutting-edge interdisciplinary research and will serve to improve the experience of everyone on campus.

The current schedule anticipates ground-breaking in late summer 2014 and completion approximately two years later.