Campaign Goal: $27 million
$40 M


Football field inside of the kibbie Dome

Facilities - $8 Million

Completed a major renovation to the ASUI Kibbie Activity Center to include life safety, premium seating opportunities and a clubroom. These improvements enhance the game-day experience of our patrons. Other projects completed during the campaign include a golf short-game practice facility, athletic training room, equipment room, team rooms, meeting facilities, and the soccer locker room remodel.

Donations to this area provide “seed” money for the continued growth and improvement of existing and new facilities.

Thanks to the generosity of our many “stadium builders,” and specifically to Bud and June Ford and Litehouse Foods (Hawkins Family), the Litehouse Center and the Bud and June Ford Club Room were completed in the fall of 2011. This complex benefits many University programs and provides a premier game-day experience for our alumni and patrons. It truly is the front porch to the University of Idaho.

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