Campaign Goal: $27 million
$40 M

Athletic Director Rob Spear's Message

AD Rob Spear

As we look to the future, we know what needs to be done.  We have the plan and the leadership to do it. We must invest in scholarships, endowments, programs, and facilities.  Endowments can be the path to our successful future.  Creating endowments for our coaches and student-athletes will ensure that we continue to produce the quality student-athletes and retain coaches at Idaho to allow them to establish their legacies.

For more than 100 years, Vandal Athletics has been a significant player in the proud University of Idaho history. Just as the University of Idaho leads the state in graduation rates, the Department of Athletics is among the leaders in graduating student-athletes. More than 92 percent of our student-athletes who complete their eligibility earn their degrees from the University of Idaho. Our student-athletes have won the prestigious Western Athletic Conference Stan Bates Award (presented annually to the best overall student-athlete who excels athletically, academically and has demonstrated significant community service) an unprecedented six times in just six years.

Vandal Athletics has an impressive tradition of producing prominent coaches and quality scholar-athletes. They’re inspirational examples of the tenets we adhere to every day: Pride. Tradition. Excellence.

Those core themes of our brand framework articulate the story about the Department of Athletics and the University of Idaho. Anyone associated with the University of Idaho understands the unparalleled pride that is engrained deeply throughout the Vandal Family. This pride is a celebrated attitude, feeling and mentality that distinguishes Vandals from our peers. Athletics plays a prominent role in promoting Vandal pride across the country. Because of our visibility, we are the front porch of the University of Idaho and become a rallying point for our loyal alumni.

Not only does Athletics help keep our alumni engaged with our university, it also makes a significant contribution to the local economy by generating a $34 million dollar annual impact to the Moscow community. Included in this impact is the annual scholarship expense (in excess of $4.5 million) that is realized as revenue by the University. Every dollar of scholarship support for our student-athletes is forwarded to our University to support operations. So, by contributing to the Vandal Scholarship Fund, you are helping Athletics and the entire University of Idaho.

The excellence of well-known universities around the country makes it clear – institutional evolution happens when capital is infused in campuses with leadership, a strategic blueprint for success, and quality programs and people. With the exception of capital, we have these critical elements. All we are missing are transformational investments from visionary individuals who will, through their giving, create a legacy for themselves and for generations of students to come. The capital campaign is our plan forward, our plan for continued excellence, our future. It is absolutely necessary if we are going to achieve excellence and produce quality athletic facilities.

Partner with us to enhance the Pride, Tradition and Excellence that we all expect of our Department of Athletics. By helping us reach our goal of $27 million, we will inspire the futures of many student-athletes, maintain quality coaches and improve athletic facilities that will develop champions and win championships. Sincerely,

Rob Spear
Director of Athletics

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