Campaign Goal: $225 million
$261 M

Office of Alumni Relations

Steve Johnson Executive Director University of Idaho Alumni Association

The University of Idaho is currently engaged in a $225 million capital campaign. The Inspiring Futures: Invest in the University of Idaho campaign focuses on four cornerstones, students, faculty, facilities and programs. I encourage you to review the cornerstones and find a way to help your university meet the campaign goal that will truly allow the University of Idaho to continue its Legacy of Leading.

One area to consider donating to would be the University of Idaho Alumni Association. Since 1898 the University of Idaho Alumni Association (UIAA) has connected alumni back to the University of Idaho. Now 114 years old with 95,000 alumni worldwide UIAA’s mission remains the same. Provide alumni opportunities to interact with fellow alumni through alumni events, alumni programs and a newsletter. The association also provides some scholarship funding for students and supports the mission of the University of Idaho. All of these activities require funding. UIAA events that connect alumni also help influence high school students to attend the University of Idaho. UIAA scholarships help all students reach their educational goals. Providing needed funding for these UIAA programs is a great way to grow the University of Idaho’s Legacy of Leading.

Please take a moment and review our list of priorities. Become inspired and make a gift today.

Steve Johnson '71
Director, Office of Alumni Relations

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