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Alumna Continues Gift of Giving

Janet Schaumburg

“When I realized I was going into mining engineering, I wanted to find a school that could raise the bar for me, really challenge me and help me develop into a thinker – into somebody who could think through to solutions,” said Janet Schaumburg, ’77. “The University of Idaho definitely offered that to me, and it served me well throughout my 36-year career.”

Schaumburg was the only woman in her class at the time when the study of mining engineering was part of the former College of Mines and Earth Resources. She said her scholarships and her professors helped prepare her for the world beyond the campus.

“I worked part-time, but the scholarships made all the difference,” she said. “I was able to focus on my studies and complete my education in a reasonable amount of time. Jack Hoskins was the head of the mining department and he had a special talent for developing students. Of all my professors, he influenced me the most. He provided a lot of guidance. You could go in and ask him questions, and he never minded if you interrupted him. That’s a special kind of experience.

“To me, an education is the foundation for the future. That’s where the University does such a marvelous job. It maintains a standard of excellence, provides a great learning environment and fosters a commitment to service and to each other,” Schaumburg said.

“But it’s the people who bring it alive. As an Advisory Board member, I’m on campus a couple of times a year and I have a chance to visit with some of the students. They are excited and they bring everything to life! One of the things the University has done very well is anticipating the future and being nimble enough to change as needed, to embrace opportunities as the world around us changes.

“One of the primary reasons I give back is because I’m such a big believer in the value of education. I have included the University in my estate planning and hope I’ll be able to endow a chair at some point. I really can’t think of a better way to invest my money than to give it to the University because I had such a great experience there.”

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