Campaign Goal: $9 million
$17 M

Dean Joyce's Message

Dear Friends,

Our quality of life, the strength of our economy, and the very future of our society depend on the innovations and discoveries made by scientists and mathematicians. The University of Idaho College of Science has an excellent record of preparing students for successful careers in these fields, and the research done by our students, faculty, and alumni is changing the world.

The College of Science is about exploration and creativity, in an environment that will allow our students and faculty to meet the rapidly changing demands of society. The challenge of discovering and thinking about many different types of information in new, exciting ways is what ultimately leads to scientific and technological advances. We are up to that challenge because the college has an excellent blend of nationally known faculty, outstanding students and staff, and top-notch academic and research programs. The college also participates in outreach programs in Idaho school districts to improve and invigorate the teaching of math and science.

The college places a great deal of emphasis on involving both undergraduate and graduate students in hands-on research in the laboratory and the field. These research experiences are an important part of the education we offer, and give our students a significant advantage when they leave the university. Our graduates go on to successful careers in industry and top graduate schools.

The College of Science is a very good college.  With your participation and generosity, the Inspiring Futures campaign will help us become a great college. Our goal is to raise $9 million, with the following priorities:

  • Scholarships and undergraduate research fellowships to attract top students
  • Endowed funds to reward and retain outstanding faculty
  • Support for quality academic and outreach programs
  • Funds for lab facility improvements and equipment purchases.

We invite you to partner with us to help train the next generation of scientists and mathematicians who will secure a bright future for our society. Thank you for your support of the University of Idaho.

Paul Joyce
Dean of the College of Science

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