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Kade Beorchia | Impact Tomorrow

Kade Beorchia

Romeo “Kade” Beorchia spends much of his free time in a study carrel at the Idaho Law Library in the UI Boise Center where the third-year law student says he spends eight to 12 hours a day preparing for his law degree.

“It can be taxing, but every day when I look out the window I am reminded why I am here and where I am headed,” says Beorchia regarding the view of several of the top Boise law firms visible from the fifth-floor view at UI Boise.

He credits the College of Law faculty, staff and alumni for helping provide student opportunities to network with successful, practicing attorneys — “experience I know will prove invaluable when it comes time to start my career in law,” he said.

“When I first enrolled with the UI College of Law I had a narrow view of my future,” he said. “The rigors and demands of the UI law program have taught me that I am capable of much more than I thought. I learned to set higher goals for myself — I didn’t have to be afraid to dream big.”

Kade was admitted to a number of other law schools, but scholarship support is why he chose to become a Vandal.

“I have been fortunate to receive the Langrois Scholarship, the Albert R. Menard Jr. Scholarship, the Frank A. Shrontz College of Law Scholarship and the Thomsen Stephens Law Firm Student Scholarship,” he said. “Your gift makes it possible for me to focus on my passion for studying law. I’ve made the Dean’s List each semester, and I’m proud to be ranked in the top ten percent of my class.”

Law school is expensive for the father of three. “Every day I am motivated by my wife, our three children, and my desire to provide them a stable life. The best way for me to justify their many sacrifices is to study hard and prepare for a successful career. Your generous support of my tuition and books allows me to focus on my studies and my family. Thank you.”

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