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Our Inspiring Stories

Lawrence Wasden | Service to Health

Lawrence WasdenThe Lawrence G. Wasden Scholars Program will include a student scholarship and support for the education of law students interested in legal and policy dimensions of public health issues arising from tobacco and substance abuse.
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Kade Beorchia | Impact Tomorrow

Kade Beorchia“Your gift makes it possible for me to focus on my passion for studying law”
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John Church | Law Students’ Philanthropy

John Church endorses the pro bono work at the collegeJohn A. Church said when he was in law school at the University of Idaho back in the mid-1960s, attorneys didn’t talk about doing pro bono work. “It was a secret,” he said. But now, thanks to Church’s support, pro bono work at his alma mater is a graduation requirement.
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Law Firm Support Student Scholarships at the College of Law

Kristina Fugate studying in the law library uses a scholarship to help pay for school.Second-year law student, Kristina Fugate is one of the recipients of the Racine, Olson, Nye, Budge & Bailey's generosity.
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