Campaign Goal: $15 million
$18 M

The John C. Wahl thinkTANK

John C Wahl thinkTANK

To encourage current and future students to choose the College of Engineering at the University of Idaho, we have developed a success-oriented program and environment called the John C. Wahl thinkTANK.

The John C. Wahl thinkTANK is a "one stop shop" for academic success, facilitating the collaboration between undergraduates, graduates, faculty and staff.

"We are expecting you"

The thinkTANK serves the logistical needs of students such as advising, course registration, financial aid, and internships as well as provide additional learning experiences: service learning projects, collaborative team projects, speaker series and peer mentoring programs.

We are working closely with the college's Advisory Board and faculty as we develop the thinkTANK to improve the freshman experience and increase student retention rates.

How you can help:

A gift of any amount is appreciated. Make a gift to the thinkTANK today.

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