Campaign Goal: $15 million
$18 M

Lou Edwards Endowed Chair in Chemical Engineering

Lou EdwardsThe College of Engineering has created a new endowed chair in honor of Lou Edwards. Named the Lou Edwards Endowed Chair in Chemical Engineering, the fund will support the recruitment and retention of top faculty members who emulate Edwards's excellence in leadership, teaching and research in the field.

"For 50 years, Lou has been inspiring the futures of students and professionals around the world. Our alumni constantly remind me of the positive impact he has made over the years. And in the paper industry, Lou's reputation and that of the University are inseparably linked," said Larry Stauffer, dean of the College of Engineering. "I can think of no better way to recognize his astounding record of service than by creating an endowed chair in his name."

A $3 million commitment is needed to create this position.

The principal is held in perpetuity while the interest is used to fund the endowed chair.

The Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering will now have an opportunity to attract and retain the top talent which will be good for the community, good for students, and good for Idaho.

An Endowed Chair position will:

  • Provide the ability to recruit and retain outstanding faculty.
  • Benefit students by being able to work with and learn from world-class researchers, educators and academic leaders.
  • Provide resources to help support the chair’s research program.
  • Attract the most talented students and provide an educational experience that transcends the classroom.
  • Allows donors to be able to give back to the University of Idaho so they can help the students become future leaders.
  • Make an impact in the lives of many.
  • Encourage research and good teaching.
  • Be a tribute to our outstanding College of Engineering.

How you can help:

A gift of any amount is appreciated. Make a gift to the Lou Edwards Endowed Chair in Chemical Engineering today.

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