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Bill Thomson '69

Bill Thomson

Dr. William J. Thomson who earned his Ph.D. at the University of Idaho in chemical engineering in 1969 is currently a Professor Emeritus of Chemical Engineering at Washington State University (WSU). Dr. Thomson taught for 35 years as a chemical engineering professor at the University of Idaho and Washington State University including 12 years as department head at WSU.

Dr. Thomson has been an active researcher in catalysis and various aspects of materials science, synthetic fuels and transport phenomena. His catalysis research activities include applied catalysts for hydrogen production, coal conversion to natural gas and solid acid catalysts for hydrocarbon conversions.

He has also worked with perovskite materials for use as oxygen separation membranes and developed the technique of “Dynamic X-Ray Diffraction” for the study of solid state chemical reactions and phase transformations, including the synthesis of high temperature superconductors. In addition, he has also been involved in research with fluidized beds and high temperature heat transfer.

Dr. Thomson is an elected Fellow of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, on the editorial board of “Applied Catalysis, A” and has served as a consultant for numerous companies and government agencies.

Dr. Thomson is also the author of the textbook, “Introduction to Transport Phenomena”, and has been a Principal Investigator for several National Science Foundation grants to train K-12 teachers in the teaching of science and engineering.

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