College Goal: $15 million
$18 M

College of Engineering

Our mission is quite simple – and exceedingly important – to educate tomorrow’s technology and engineering leaders. Their contributions will help create a greener, safer, and more sustainable world. The University of Idaho’s College of Engineering provides students with a first-class education and the opportunity to learn from the men and women who are today’s leaders and innovators. We’ve been educating engineers for more than 100 years. We invite you to help us build on that legacy.

College of Engineering graduates have gone on to lead international corporations and small entrepreneurial businesses, and to serve in key government, research, and military posts.

Your support will help enable the college to do what we do best—educate the next generation of leaders in engineering and computer science. These young men and women will go on to create a positive impact here in our region and around the globe. Now that’s leadership worthy of your support.

The future we envision for the College of Engineering will require a bold investment today.

Idaho’s leadership in the field of engineering and computer science didn’t happen by chance. It has grown from a commitment of more than one hundred years of building the college, brick by brick, into one of the best institutions in the country. To continue to offer a top-notch education to our students, it will require a bold investment from each one of us.

With your generosity, you help support our college in four important areas:

  • student scholarships,
  • faculty endowments,
  • enhanced programs
  • and world-class facilities.

Together, we will ensure that the University of Idaho and the College of Engineering can continue to meet the needs and challenges of the future.

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$589 K
$5.6 M
$7.8 M
$4.5 M