Campaign Goal: $200 K
$40 K

Message from the Dean

Jie Chen

Dear Friends,

Great universities are defined, in part, by the quality of the students they attract. The University of Idaho must be a place of choice for the best and brightest students regardless of their ability to pay. Additionally, our university must be competitive nationally for the best graduate students, who also assist in our classrooms and laboratories.

Having stellar graduate students is an important component of our research and the success of our scholarly activity. As the state’s flagship research university, the University of Idaho must continue to be the first choice for our most talented students.

Leveraging Excellence

A $150,000 graduate scholarship bearing your name will provide the ongoing, private funding necessary to be nationally competitive for the very best graduate students. A $6,000 annual distribution from this endowed graduate scholarship will provide important leverage, bringing an additional $11,000 annually from other sources. Together, these sources of funding will provide comprehensive and competitive support for outstanding students. This means that your gift will help students become science, technology and creative leaders of the future.


Jie Chen
Dean of Graduate Studies
William Borah Distinguished Professor of Political Science

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