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Inspiring Families

Laura, Patti and Anne Greenwood

While children inspire first-grade teacher Patti Greenwood, '82, she has surely inspired plenty of them too, including her own two daughters. Each has chosen, like their mother, to pursue a degree in education at the University of Idaho.

Patti, who met her husband, John, ’84 mechanical engineering, at the University, recalled feeling immediately
at home on the “gorgeous” campus, where her brother also was a student. Now she enjoys returning to stroll the arboretum and Hello Walk while seeing her daughters make the same transformation to adulthood that she did.

Laura Greenwood ’13 just earned her bachelor’s degree, and now teaches third-graders in the Boise School District, while Annie Greenwood is on track to graduate in 2015. Like their mother, they also joined Gamma Phi Beta Sorority.

Patti and John, who live in Boise, have long supported their alma mater financially, giving to a variety of programs.

Patti credited having "many bright, dynamic, and fabulous teachers" at UI with inspiring her to become an educator herself. However, she said, the College of Education must remain dynamic to keep up with fast-changing technology.

"We have seen many changes in education. We cannot stand still or we, as educators, and our students will be left behind," Patti said.

To make that happen, she hopes to see a new, updated facility for the UI College of Education — "one that our students deserve that is equipped with current technology."

In a way, supporting UI is a natural extension of Patti's dedication to educating and guiding young students, whether they're in first grade or their first year of college.

"We believe that higher education is an opportunity for a better future for individuals and societies," she said. "For emotional as well as practical reasons, we want to help provide opportunities for University of Idaho students to succeed in today's world.

"We think that education elevates the quality of all our lives and we want to be part of that."

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