Campaign Goal: $6 million
$13 M

College of Education Stories

The Knight STEM Faculty Fellowship:  Kathryn and Lawrence Knight gifted $150,000 over five years to support the science and mathematics education programs at the University of Idaho. The students and faculty of the University of Idaho are honored by the generous leadership support from the Knights.  

Julius Edward "Pete" Peterson Student Scholarship:
  Julius "Pete" Peterson recently established scholarships in the College of Education and the College of Letters Arts and Social Sciences to help first-generation college students pursue their educational goals.  Pete has a heart for the first generation college students and wants to give back for his memorable education.

Gail Hanninen Faculty Excellence Endowment
Gail established this fund to recognize faculty for their established record of excellent teaching and research in the college.  Read more about her story and her gift to the College of Education. 

College of Education Student Emergency Assistance Fund: College of Education alumni commit to helping students in emergency situations, and inspire College of Education faculty and staff to give.
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