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Dean Cori Mantle-Bromley's Message

Dear Friends of Education,

Dean Mantle-BromleyIt is well known that inspirational teachers and leaders awaken us to the joy of discovery and positively impact lives. Since 1920, the College of Education has been preparing students to use their knowledge and passion to inspire and make positive changes in their workplace, their community and beyond. The College is continuously exploring and implementing the most effective and elegant ways of teaching and learning—and we’re proud to have influenced the excellent teachers, educational leaders, and those studying physical movement, recreation, and dance who are reading this message.

When our graduates succeed, we succeed, and we don’t have to look far to see our success around the state, the nation, and the world. We are making great strides in realizing the full alignment of our programs around a framework represented by the acronym CARE: Cultural proficiency; Assessment in teaching and learning; Reflective Scholarship and practice; and Engagement with partners. .

But our successes would scarcely be possible without the capability to hire and keep excellent faculty, to provide a 21st century learning environment, or to offer ongoing support and mentoring to the state’s educational workforce. . For these things, we necessarily rely on the support of our alumni and friends.

You—our alumni and friends—have long been steadfast in supporting our tradition of excellence. . Because of the partnerships and support we have around the state and beyond, we are able to prepare excellent educators and leaders, offer practica and internships, help our students bridge gaps between theory and practice, and protect the notion that the quality of our questions is as important as the quantity of our answers. We are grateful for this support.

In this new century, our challenges will undoubtedly be even greater. However, continued support from alumni and friends will allow faculty to discover answers to vexing problems and foster efforts that engage communities in Idaho and beyond to determine solutions. Even small donations can facilitate faculty members’ pilot research projects that can attract significant external funding. Funds supporting technology and facilities will ensure that our faculty and students can teach and learn using the most recent technologies that will also be vital to their classrooms and workplaces. Your support can also help our students: teachers, dancers, recreation and exercise science majors who are just beginning, and those seeking opportunities to lead. Funding for students will allow a fresh generation of graduates to start their careers free from deep debt that could take them decades to repay.

Partnerships with individuals, families, corporations and foundations who care about the opportunities future generations of Idaho children will have are essential to our success—and Idaho’s. The University of Idaho is the state’s leader in preparing educators, movement science graduates, and educational leaders. Thank you for your consideration to help us continue this legacy.

Corinne Mantle-Bromley, Dean
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