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McCall Field Campus

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A Legacy of Learning
Seventy years ago, the University of Idaho established a summer field studies program on 12 acres of Idaho Endowment Land in the middle of a Ponderosa pine forest in McCall, Idaho. Attending “Forestry Camp” on the magnificent shores of Payette Lake was an academic highlight for thousands of natural resources students. Students established life-long memories and many personal bonds while living and learning at the McCall Field Campus.

A Perfect Place
Our long tradition of field studies is as important today as it was 75 years ago. Our world of natural resources is a real world, and we learn about it by being immersed in the outdoors. The McCall Field Campus facility’s prime location provides students, faculty and community members with easy access to water systems, forests and mountains for untapped scientific research and discovery opportunities. Its residential capacity enables a unique living learning environment that tomorrow’s leaders would never otherwise experience.

Science for Everyone
The McCall Field Campus is now a hub for natural resources educational programs that serve communities McCall property people in a canoeacross Idaho. It is home to the McCall Outdoor Science School (MOSS), Idaho’s only residential environmental science education center. For 10 years, MOSS programs have engaged more than 16,000 Idaho K-12 students and more than 100 University of Idaho graduate students in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), supporting a national effort to ensure that all American students receive the skills and knowledge required for success in the 21st century workforce. MOSS graduate student alumni use their experiences as natural resource professionals, educators and scientists.

Investing in Idaho
Idaho’s population increased by 40 percent from 1990 to 2005, and it is now the third fastest growing state in the U.S. The Census Bureau projects that by 2030, population will increase by 52 percent to nearly two million. By 2050, urban and suburban development is expected to quadruple, respectively, resulting in a loss of 4.5 million acres of ranch, farm, and open space land. The demand for educating all students – from K-12 through retired citizens – will grow in the future. Programs at the McCall Field Campus provide an enhanced learning environment and give students of all ages a jump-start on the knowledge they need to better society and protect our precious natural resources.

Inspiring Futures
More than a century ago, the University of Idaho College of Natural Resources began its premier academic natural resource programs to benefit Idaho and beyond. Given today’s increasingly dynamic ecosystems, the next generation of natural resources professionals faces even greater challenges. Considering that many sectors of Idaho’s economy, such as agriculture, manufacturing and health care services, require STEM-educated employees, there is overwhelming evidence supporting the importance of continuing STEM education and other programs at the McCall Field Campus. Introducing students to STEM through hands-on activities will lead them to make future education and career choices in natural resources, science and engineering that will benefit Idaho’s economy and more.

“Intellectual” Property
Investing in the McCall Field Campus property is about more than just real estate. With your gift, the University of Idaho can ensure the property will be used in perpetuity to continue our tradition of premier natural resources education. Experiential learning opportunities are vital to the educational integrity of undergraduates and graduate students who will become Idaho’s future natural resource leaders. Ownership of this beloved and highly valued property will guarantee our promise to deliver STEM education and add certainty to the education of future natural resource professionals.

Community Benefits
Community programs and facilities at the McCall Field Campus offer family-friendly activities and provide kids learning at McCall propertyworking professionals with critical wilderness and emergency response certifications. The McCall Field Campus’ collaborative fire mitigation program with Ponderosa State Park protects the park and surrounding areas from wildfire and provides a unique learning environment where natural resources students develop critical thinking and field skills.

Expanding the Vision
The McCall Field Campus holds an untapped potential as a biological research station that provides scientific data, interpretation and outreach to help resolve environmental problems and inform public policy to benefit all of Idaho. Executive education programming opportunities will develop professional and civic endeavors and benefit society in innovative and practical ways. Together, we can grow the University of Idaho’s capacity to fully develop this parcel. We need your substantial commitment to ensure the future of a well established legacy through ownership of the McCall Field Campus property.

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