Campaign Goal: $22.5 million
$27 M

Planning for the Future

For more than 100 years, CNR has provided place-based field learning experiences for students. Our objectiveFred Johnson Professor is to give students exactly what they need to become successful natural resources professionals. Service learning activities, internships and summer field experiences and summer jobs all provide today’s students with valuable lessons that stay with them for life:

  • Students learn by doing. Field trips and outdoor labs provide a “real-world” view of natural resource management.
  • Internships are an invaluable experience that make students more marketable.
  • Collaborative projects with agency and industry personnel expose students firsthand to how natural resources are managed.
  • Field campuses and research areas offer a diverse sampling of Idaho’s plant and wildlife habitat, including rangelands, forest and aquatic environments.

Help us create lasting memories of summer field experiences. Your gift will help sustain and grow the diversity of our programs and enrich the professional skills students need.

Our long tradition of field studies is just as important today as it was 50 years ago. Our world of natural resources is a real world, and we learn about it by being immersed in the outdoors.

Your Gift — Our Goals
Our unique proximity to the outdoors allows students to put what they learn in the classroom into perspective even before they take their classes.

  • 60% of your gift will go toward the endowment
  • 40% of your gift will be used to immediately improve field studies

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