Campaign Goal: $22.5 million
$27 M

Timber is the pulse of Idaho’s past – and its future.

The Vandal Forest Endowment is a program that allows families or individuals to gift land to the College of Natural Resources to be managed in perpetuity. It is geared to the needs and desires of timberland owners who are facing decisions about the future of their land.

The Benefits
You can feel the satisfaction of helping young people receive an excellent education while knowing that your land will continue to be harvested long into the future. The proceeds of timber harvest will be used to advance the educational and research mission of the College of Natural Resources. Students will be involved in real-world land management decisions. The forest will be certified as sustainably managed. It is possible to establish a conservation easement. You also can take advantage of important tax and financial management benefits such as receiving income from the forest for the rest of your life, qualifying for charitable deductions, avoiding capital gains tax and helping with family succession planning.

The Gifting Process
Direct Gifts: The title to your land is deeded to the Foundation, and the operation of your land is managed by the Vandal Forest Endowment Committee, who are your neighbors in the industry. Proceeds will support the College of Natural Resources in areas of interest you choose. You can also give title to your land now but continue to operate your forest throughout your lifetime and beyond through your children

Trusts: You can place your land in a trust that allows you and your spouse to continue to receive lifetime income from the operation of your land. The operation of the land is managed by the Vandal Forest Endowment Committee, with the understanding that relationships with current tenants will be protected. After your passing, production income will be used to support the University programs of your choosing.

Your Gift – Our Goals
Your gift will help the College of Natural Resources create a sustainable stream of revenue. Future generations of students will learn responsible land stewardship skills through hands-on, practical experiences. Faculty will have increased teaching and research opportunities and be able to broaden outreach to communities seeking forest management expertise. We will be better positioned to create future opportunities in biomass utilization and sustainable products and establish a new generation of collaborators.

Give Now
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