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Faculty Research & Teaching

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College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences Faculty Teaching and Research Fund
The faculty of the College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences includes renowned scholars who are nationally and internationally recognized for their expertise, research and creative works. Their activities range from creative and professional writing, to theatrical and musical performance, to archival, field and laboratory research. Professors often involve students in their research programs and creative activities, giving students uncommon opportunities to contribute to ground-breaking discoveries and award-winning creative works. This fund helps to support these essential endeavors.
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Humanities Research Project
This program was established by the College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences to extend learning opportunities, develop the humanities curriculum, and invigorate teaching. Humanities Fellows are selected for their excellence in teaching; commitment to interdisciplinary collaboration; potential for, or proof of, creativity in course and program development; and proven ability to work energetically and collaboratively to achieve program goals.
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