Campaign Goal: $40 million
$55 M

A Message from Dean Foltz

Dr. John FoltzTHE WORLD IS CHANGING. You and I know that our children and grandchildren—and generations to come—will depend upon what we make of the future. Their futures.

Perhaps no other college can show so clearly and broadly how global changes affect our society.

Plant scientists work hard to improve how efficiently potato, wheat, oilseeds, and other crops use fertilizer and water and how well they resist diseases. Our School of Food Science researchers strive to improve the safety and nutrition of our food supply.

School of Family and Consumer Sciences faculty members tackle diseases by improving dietary advice and teaching children better eating habits. Agricultural economists help our farmers and ranchers understand markets to better compete globally. Many others in the college address critical climate, energy, environmental, and educational issues that will shape our world in the years ahead.

Public dollars once covered most of our needs. More complex issues, industry needs, and public demands, coupled with declining state and federal budgets, put new challenges before us. Idaho’s agricultural industry stepped up to help fund our statewide research and extension efforts. Students pay more to attend. We are also asking those who benefitted in the past or whose families, businesses, or communities hope to prosper in the years ahead to invest now.

We are pleased to announce Inspiring Futures, our chance and yours to shape the years ahead. The College of Agricultural and Life Sciences is working hard to prepare our state and its citizens for the future. We invite you to join us in that investment.

John Foltz, Dean
College of Agricultural and Life Science

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