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Pursuing a Future On and Off the Field

Maxx Forde, senior student-athlete and defensive end for the Vandal football team, has become a leader on the gridiron. However, when he’s not on the practice field, you’re likely to find Maxx in the library, studying to complete a double major in marketing and finance. 

“I was fortunate enough to get a full scholarship for football, and the scholarship support has been great,” he said. “If I didn’t have that, I don’t really know how I would try and work my way through college.”

On the football field, Maxx has emerged as a standout. But it’s not just his work between the sidelines that has helped him grow – in the classroom, Maxx has also tackled unique opportunities.

“Being able to focus on my education is something that has been great for me,” Maxx said. “Sometimes I get challenged a little bit on the classroom and on the field. But I think that things that challenge you are things that help you grow, and my leadership skills have definitely grown.”

When he’s not on the practice field or chasing down a quarterback, Maxx is immersed in U-Idaho’s signature Integrated Business Curriculum, where hands-on experiences include the Barker Capital Management and Trading Program, in which students learn money management and investment strategies, as well as the VIEW Business Plan Competition, which allows students to develop and pitch a product for real-world development.

The College of Business’ curriculum lets students gain practical skills and experience in a real business environment, emphasizing the kind of collaboration and teamwork needed to succeed after graduation. 
“I’d eventually like to own my own business,” Maxx said. “I talked to the business school about the Integrated Business Curriculum, and it seemed impressive – being able to work on small teams, and getting both the hard and soft side of business. That’s stuff that you’re going to need to know to be able to run a business, so being able to learn that in school, that was a big reason for choosing the University of Idaho for me.” 

Scholarship support has also helped Maxx pursue his athletic and academic goals. He’s aware of the impact financial assistance can make for students, whatever their interests and future paths. 

“Students like myself who might not have had the opportunity to pursue the things they want to and try to make an impact in the world, they’ll have that opportunity,” Maxx said. “Whether it’s somebody who’s coming on academic scholarship, or an athletic scholarship, anything … that definitely helps. It opens up doors for the bright minds of tomorrow.”

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