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Ashley Vincent

Ashley Vincent

Top Scholar Chose Idaho to Pursue Academic Dream

National Merit Scholar Ashley Vincent had her pick of schools on the East Coast and California, including Stanford University. She chose to attend the University Idaho.

“This place has the most tremendous atmosphere,” she said. “The faculty here have made my experience so great. They love what they do and they really want us to succeed in our fields. Many of my professors have worked in the professional world for some time and are able to bring that experience to the classroom. Also, Moscow is just a fun town!”

Majoring in civil engineering and earning a minor in business – with a keen interest in politics, Vincent is considering law school, but has the opportunity to explore many options.

“One thing I love about this university is that the well-rounded background I’ve received here has served me incredibly well. In 2010, I went to Purdue University with our American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Steel Bridge team and competed in designing and constructing a scale-sized bridge, then spent the rest of the summer in Newcastle, England on a Fulbright program. Last summer I had a Princeton Review Top 100 internship in Washington DC, and got to work with people from NASA and the National Science Foundation.”

“My experience in England showed me that the University of Idaho has made me perfectly competitive with anyone.”

Vincent will be the first-generation college graduate from her family. College would not have been an option for her without financial assistance she said. She’s earned a full-ride scholarship from the university’s National Merit Scholar’s Program, as well as the university’s Presidential Scholarship, several civil engineering scholarships and one from Chevron.

“The scholarship aspect is huge for me,” she said. “I’m on campus for 10 or 15 hours a day, and I’m able to immerse myself and really take advantage of the academic offerings here. If I had to struggle to hold a job, it would be much more difficult. Scholarships also afford me the opportunity to do things like the Fulbright Program, which don’t pay well but the experience is invaluable.

“I would like to go off and be successful. Go off and make a difference, then come back here and help somebody like myself have the opportunity to do the same thing.”

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