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Goal 4: Organization, Culture and Climate

Continuous Improvement
Lead: Larry Stauffer

We must commit our culture to continuous improvement as the ultimate embodiment of leadership for our state, and our work as a model 21st-century, land-grant university. This work will embrace the concept of continuous improvement to reengineer our business and academic processes to be more efficient and effective. Dr. Stauffer will chair a small committee to identify key processes to examine and improve. We will build on this initial small set of cases to address additional processes to more efficiently and effectively serve internal and external stakeholders. The committee will also examine the need for education to help others undertake continuous improvement projects in their units.

Cultivating a Respectful Culture
Lead: Jeanne Christiansen

Three proposals outlined a vision for improving our community and culture. The Education and Development group, led by Dr. Christiansen, will incorporate many of the recommendations in these proposals, including those related to establishing a more comprehensive and contemporary faculty and staff professional development program. A wide range of topics will be covered from leadership, to policies and procedures, to research and management ethics. This work will build from that of the previous task force that worked on faculty and staff education and development.

Waste Minimization
Lead: Darin Saul

This comprehensive proposal challenged our community to exert a true leadership commitment to sustainability and outlined significant gains to be made in paper, food, and electronic waste. We have asked Darin Saul to work toward a zero-carbon-footprint for the University of Idaho by the year 2014, and to build on the Sustainability Center’s partnership with our Finance and Administration staff to make this a campus-wide priority in operations and ongoing education of faculty, staff, and students. These efforts will lead to a better stewardship of our environment and resources, cost savings, and will provide educational opportunities for our students.