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Duane Nellis

Building the University of Idaho Statewide System

Lead: Trudy Anderson, Associate Vice President and Center Executive Officer, Boise; and John Tracy, Director, Water Resources Research Institute

Vision: As we work to build a statewide system to conduct our teaching/learning, scholarly/creative activity, and outreach/engagement activities, we need to capitalize on the opportunities presented by our academic centers in Boise, Coeur d’Alene, and Idaho Falls. Each of these Centers has different strengths and opportunities, but all share the need to have improved structural and functional relationships across the university system. Trudy Anderson and John Tracy suggest that the University of Idaho Boise take the next step in helping to clarify and implement changes in policies and procedures to help us mature as a system. This Strategic Innovation Initiative can link closely with the work to integrate our alumni, government relations, fund-raising, and recruitment activities into a statewide advocacy strategy.

Boise, and in fact the southwest section of the state, is a logical place to further develop this ongoing work. It is the economic, government, and media center of activity in Idaho. We have large alumni and donor populations, and a large group of prospective students from which to recruit. It is a location where faculty deliver their teaching, research, and outreach to citizens. This region is rich with opportunity to serve Idaho’s residents and fulfill our land-grant mission through new and increased collaborative and integrative work across our academic and non-academic units – colleges, extension, and advancement. The Strategic Innovation Initiative is a next logical step of the coordinated implementation of the Strategic Action Plan, Center White Paper, and Goal 3 Team recommendations into the organization and culture of the university.