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Goal 3: Outreach & Engagement

Building Influence through Advocacy Networks
Lead: Chris Murray and Jack McIver

More than 34,000 University of Idaho alumni live and work in the state of Idaho, and they and other stakeholders can greatly influence our future. This proposal seeks to harness the energy and enthusiasm of constituents of influence to support fund-raising, legislative outcomes, student recruitment, public opinion, and other aspects of our work through the use of both face-to-face and online networks. Two task forces have been established to examine and reshape state and federal relations respectfully, and we expect these groups to learn from national best practices and transform the way we conduct alumni, legislative, and fund-raising networking.

Building the University of Idaho statewide system
Lead: Trudy Anderson and John Tracy

A comprehensive proposal to move the University of Idaho’s southern presence into its next phase of impact and service provides a framework for a series of steps. These steps define the university’s comprehensive statewide service and impact and commit to what we can and will deliver distinctly to our stakeholders. This task force will begin the implementation of much of what was outlined in the University of Idaho South proposal, while also outlining the long-term strategy, positioning, and marketing and service requirements of the University of Idaho as a statewide system, including the state and federal relations advocacy networks under development.