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Goal 1: Teaching & Learning

Enhancing Recruitment and Retention Through Engaged Teaching and Learning
Lead: Jeanne Christiansen

The myriad opportunities and competitive challenges for recruiting, retaining, and engaging students in a high-quality learning environment today require a comprehensive and cutting-edge approach to shaping the student experience. The University of Idaho leads the state as the institution of choice and must lead in delivering high-quality education and an outstanding experience. Through work to be led by Dr. Christiansen, structural and policy changes will be undertaken to integrate the Innovation proposals addressing Distance Education, Dual Enrollment, and improving the quality of student learning.

Parfleche Exchange Program
Lead: Art Taylor

Focusing on concepts outlined in the initial proposal, we are asking for the enhancement of efforts already begun with Tribal advisory groups through a cross-disciplinary collaboration among Tribal and college/university communities. One of the suggested key next steps is to enhance university student-to-student mentoring to improve student learning and retention. This mentoring could be expanded to Native students in the K-12 systems through on-site visits or electronic communications. In addition, we will work to enhance curricular and co-curricular experiences by building a network of Tribal leaders who can come to our campuses to work with university members. Similarly, we will build opportunities for our students and faculty to travel to Tribal locations in order to learn from the Native communities. These efforts can link with our grant solicitation work already underway, particularly in science, technology, engineering, and math education.