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Did You Know the GRE is Changing?

The revised test rolls out August 1, 2011, which will include a new score scale of 130-170 using one point increments versus the 10-point increments currently used (200-800).

To prepare for the transition and since GRE scores are valid for five years, we will offer a workshop on understanding and comparing both score scales. Look for this session to occur before the end of the spring term.

The test’s improved design includes an on-screen calculator, a text highlighting feature, ability and has changed the types of questions in the verbal and quantitative reasoning sections to reflect real-life scenarios which requires the kind of thinking students will have to do in graduate school.

Applicants who sign up to take the test in August and September will receive a 50% discount. Prospective students can register at and take the test right here at the Counseling & Testing Center.

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