Evaluation Process

Applications for Admission submitted to University of Idaho, Graduate Admissions Office are processed in the following manner:
Step 1. Receipt of Application
       As soon as an application is received at the Graduate Admissions Office, the staff examines it to determine whether it is complete, includes all required documents and the full payment.
Step 2. Verification of Documents
  Obtaining the appropriate documents is critical to the Graduate Admission evaluation process. If the Graduate Admissions Office determines that all the required documents are present, the evaluation will proceed.
If any document and/or information is missing, the Graduate Admissions Office immediately issues a "Document Request" asking for the missing documents and/or information. The file is placed on hold until all the required documents and/or information are received.
If the Graduate Admissions Office decides to verify the documents with the institution(s) that issued them, copies of the documents will be sent to the institution(s) with a request for verification. The Graduate Admissions Office notifies applicants when their documents are sent for verification. All such files are placed on hold until the Graduate Admissions Office receives a written response from the institution itself. There are no exceptions to this rule.
Step 3. Credential Evaluation and GPA Calculation and/or Conversion
  Once all required documents have been received, the Graduate Admissions Office prepares the application file for the departmental review and admission recommendation. This includes, but is not limited to, the Credential Evaluation and GPA Calculation and/or Conversion.

Every applicant will receive an email (if provided) or letter indicating when their application packet is sent for the departmental review. This email/letter also provides contact information for the department.
Step 4. Departmental Review and Admission Recommendation
  Admissions decisions are made at the departmental level with final admission granted by the College of Graduate Studies.

The departmental review can take anywhere from 2 weeks to several months depending on time of year and the schedules of the committee members. Once the department has reached a decision, the College of Graduate Studies is notified and reviews the application file (if necessary).
Step 5. Official Notification of Decision
  Applicants receive the official notification from the Graduate Admissions Office.

Important Notes: 
  • All documents are subject to verification by University of Idaho.
  • All documents received by University of Idaho become the property of University of Idaho and will not be released to anyone or any institution--not even the applicant.
  • University of Idaho evaluates credentials earned through formal academic training only. Applicants should NOT submit documentation of short-term professional development courses or other non-formal, non-academic training with their application; as such documents will not be evaluated or reflected in the University of Idaho evaluation report.
  • If applicable, applicants must submit proof of name change. (Clear, legible photocopy of marriage certificate, for example.)
  • Some academic institutions can take several weeks to provide transcripts so applicants may want to request their transcript at the earliest possible
  • An Application and an Application Fee are valid for a specific degree, major, and semester. Any change in degree, major or semester before enrollment requires a new application.
  • Graduate Admissions will not disclose to an applicant reasons for denial. Graduate Admissions will encourage the student to contact the department directly and inquire how they might improve their application for future admissions. (The Department can choose to disclose or not.)