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Woodland Notes | Newsletter

Due to a loss of funding, we are no longer able to offer Woodland NOTES. Instead, new information will be delivered to you each month as an 'Article of the Month'.

Woodland NOTES Archive

Woodland NOTES. Vol. 21, Vol. 1 — Fall/Winter 2009-2010
Woodland Notes In This Issue
— Don't Let Water Quality Bug You
— Small-Scale Forestry Technology
— Killer Found: Thousand Canker Disease on Black Walnut
— Balancing Biomass
— End of an Era? Woodland NOTES May Go to Electronic Format Only

Vol. 20, No. 1 — Fall/Winter, 2008-2009
In this issue:
  • Payments for Carbon Sequestration
  • Ten Tips for Burning Slash Piles
  • A Primer on Pre-commercial Thinning

Vol. 19, No. 1 — Fall/Winter, 2007-2008
In this issue:
  • Choosing a GPS Receiver
  • Salvage Logging After a Wildfire
  • Seeding Forest Roads, Skid Trails and Landings

Vol. 19, No. 2 — Spring/Summer, 2008
In this issue:
  • Forests and Carbon
  • Lichens
  • Mountain Pine Beetle

Vol. 18, No. 1 — Fall/Winter, 2006-2007
In this issue:
  • Silvicultural Decisions XII: Considering Climate Change in Silvicultural Prescriptions
  • Forest Fire Risk Reduction Alternatives for Slash
  • Selecting the Right Equipment for Your Forestland Needs

Vol. 18, No. 2 — Spring/Summer, 2007
In this issue:
  • Best Management Practices (BMP's) for Forest Roads in Idaho
  • Thresholds and Environmental Change
  • How Much Fertilizer in Slash?

Vol. 17, No. 1 — Fall/Winter, 2005-2006  
In this issue:
  • Best Management Practices (BMP's) for Idaho Riparian Areas
  • Wood for Wildlife
  • Silvicultural Decisions XI: Can Fire Hazard Reduction Treatments Achieve Other Silvicultural Objectives?
  • Silvopasture - Growing Trees in Your Pasture, or Visa Versa

Vol. 17, No. 2 — Spring/Summer, 2006  
In this issue:
  • Can Forest Insect Pests be Managed?
  • Idaho's Big Trees
  • Best Management Practices (BMP's) for Timber Harvesting in Idaho