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November, 2014
bark beetle

Bark Beetles, Slash, and Forest Fertility

2014 Archive
October Fight Those Perennial Weeds in Fall
Moisture Stress: What Does That Mean for Trees?
Watering and Feeding Landscape Trees
August Maintaining Fire Resistive Landscapes
Wildfire and Wildlife: Living in Fire-based Ecosystems
Landscaping for Fire Prevention
Are You Ready for a Blizzard of "Red Snow?"
Silvicultural Decisions X: Is There a Future for Growing and Harvesting Timber in the Inland Northwest?
Silvicultural Decisions XI: Can Fire Hazard Reduction Treatments Help Achieve Other Silvicultural Objectives?
Salvaging Beetle-Killed Trees and
Increasing Timber Sale Profits: Beyond "Getting Good Scale"
The Basics of Weed Control and
Forest Herbicides and Their Modes of Action 
March Checklist for Tree Planters and
When to Plant
Good Rocks/Bad Rocks: The Latest Piece in the Puzzle of Forest Fertility and
Healthy Forests Need a Good Diet
What is Stewardship? and 
Culture and Stewardship: Nez Perce Forest Management and Use

2013 Archive

 December Fresh Christmas Trees - An Eco-Friendly Choice and
Special Forest Products
 November Using Trees for More than Firewood and Lumber and
When Cutting Firewood Remember...There's Life in Dead Trees
 October Colored Leaves and Needles Means Fall in Idaho and
Silvicultural Decisions IX: Can Timber Harvests Help Reach Non-Timber Goals? 
 September After the Burn: Assessing and Managing Your Forestland After a Wildfire
and After the Fires: Hydrophobic Soils
 August Best Management Practices (BMPs) for Idaho Riparian Areas and
Silvicultural Decisions VIII: The Role of Silviculture in Meeting Riparian Objectives
 July Fire in Forest Ecosystems of the Inland West and
Top Ten Worst Reasons to NOT Prepare Your Home for Forest Fires
June Silvicultural Decisions V: Why and How to Thin and
Silvicultural Decisions VI: Site Preparation for Natural or Planted Regeneration
May Silvicultural Decisions IV: Trees on the Edge of Clearcuts and other Openings and
Using Trees for More than Firewood
April Riparian Zone Tree Plantings and
Silvicultural Decisions VIII: Riparian Objectives 
March Plant Your Seedlings Right and
Tax Tips for Forest Landowners for the 2012 Tax Year
February The Fate of Forest Seed and
Silvicultural Prescriptions I: Planting vs. Natural Seeding
January Porcupines and
Winter Bird Feeding