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Animal Health

Infectious disease remains a major cause of loss of production and profits affecting the cattle industry. The bovine respiratory disease complex, calf scours and other infections—such as blackleg and infectious abortions—continue to be primary infectious diseases of the most concern to the cattle producer.

Review the topics below to access summaries from the Cow-Calf Management Guide and Cattle Producer’s Library

Research Topics

Calving and Calf HealthCalving and Calf Health
Review research topic related to calving and calf health. Examples include abortion, injuries, treatment of sickness and feeding. More information

Cattle DeathCattle Death
Topics within the Cow-Calf handbook include evaluating dead cattle and disposal options available to cattle producers. More information

General Animal HealthGeneral Animal Health
Search topics of general animal health, found in the Cow-Calf Handbook, ranging from biosecurity to animal vital signs. More information

On-going Animal Health ResearchOn-going University of Idaho Research
The University of Idaho Extension continues to provide up-to-date research on various animal health issues. More information

Specific Cattle DiseasesSpecific Disease
Review a sampling of specific animal diseases addressed in the Cow-Calf Handbook. More information

Food Related DiseasesToxicities Due to Various Feeds
Learn how the consumption of certain foods can have an effect on animal health.  
More information


Nearly 150 pages addressing animal health are part of the Cow-calf Management Guide: Cattle Producer’s Library, written and updated by researchers from 12 Western universities including the University of Idaho. You may access the library online, through a CD or in hardcopy. Please contact U-Idaho's Department of Animal and Veterinary Science for ordering information.

Workshops, Schools and Programs 
Cattle diseases are often a topic of workshops, schools and seminars conducted by University of Idaho Extension Specialists and Educators. Inform workshop leaders of your particular interests. Or, any weekday, contact beef educators or specialists in your area.