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Programs and Workshops

The Idaho Beef Team provides information concerning valuable programs and workshops. Please review the links below for more information. Generally these events are annual. Specific dates will be listed in the news and events section when they become available.

Idaho Beef Artificial InseminationArtificial Insemination
The University of Idaho Extension offers Artificial Insemination Training in Caldwell and Twin Falls. These trainings are usually offered in late winter or early spring, and run about 3 days. More information

A to Z Retailed OwnershipA to Z Retained Ownership
This program is currently inactive. However data from prior programs remains valuable to today’s beef producers. More information

Idaho Beef Quality AssuranceBeef Quality Assurance
The BQA Program assures consumers that beef marketed by a BQA certified producer is wholesome and safe according to standards set by the Idaho BQA program and based on national standards. More information

CowsBeef Schools
Beef Schools are held in the winter throughout Idaho, and topics (vaccinations, BQA, etc.) are determined by locality to help beef producers. More information

Programs for Idaho Beef ProducersBVD-PI Testing and Control Program
This program allos ranchers to better understand their risk and the prevalence of BVD-PI cattle in their herd.  For more information, please contact Jim Church.

pasture and grazingIdaho Beef Summit
This program, developed by University of Idaho Extension, is designed to help participants understand the entire process of producing and marketing beef from pasture to plate. More information

Idaho Beef Intermountain Cow SymposiumIntermountain Cow Symposium
The Intermountain Cow Symposium is a biennial educational event for beef cattle producers in Idaho and the Intermountain west. More information

Idaho Beef Lost Rivers Grazing AcademyLost Rivers Grazing Academy
This intense 4-day workshop draws livestock producers who want to increase their forage productivity, animal performance and income. More information

Idaho Beef Steer-A-YearSteer-A-Year
Participants donate a steer to the University of Idaho with the final proceeds going to Animal Science and Athletics scholarships and beef research. More information

Idaho Beef Youth Beef CampYouth Beef Camps
These hands-on educational programs focus on topics that vary from year to year, including end product quality. More Information