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ID-WA FLL Team Transfer Requests

Washington FIRST Robotics (FIRST WA) is the official FLL Partner for Washington State and University of Idaho Extension Robotics is the official FLL Partner for Idaho. FLL Partners are responsible for executing the FLL program in their regions as prescribed by FIRST. While Partners strive to implement tournaments that accommodate teams in their regions as best as possible, there are instances, possibly a date or location conflict, when a team might be better served by a neighboring region. For the upcoming season, Nature’s Fury, teams in both Idaho and Washington will have an opportunity to choose between participating in either the Idaho or Washington FLL Tournament system.

The governing rules provided for this program apply only to the regional qualifying and championship tournaments. These rules do not apply to other, informal FLL-related events such as kickoffs, workshops/trainings, and scrimmages.

Rules governing the participation in the tournament system other than their home state:

  1. Declaring intent to participate across border: Teams MUST declare their intent to participate in the tournament system other than their home state during the special tournament registration window of: October 7 – October 21st using the form link at the bottom of this page.
  2. When will teams know if request has been granted: After a team declares their intent through the online form below, both the WA and ID FLL partners will evaluate the request, and make a decision based on available tournament capacity. Teams will be notified by either of the partners via Email as to the status of their request.
  3. Locked into State Tournament System: Once a team has declared their intent to either enter the Idaho or Washington tournament system, they are part of that system for the full duration of the Nature’s Fury season. If team 234 from Spokane opts to participate in the Idaho Qualifier Tournament, that team is now no longer able to participate in any Washington State tournaments. If that team moves on to the Idaho State Championships, it participates there. If the team for example did not move on in the Idaho Qualifier, it cannot elect to then switch back to the Washington State Tournament system and in essence try again to make it to a State level tournament.
  4. Tournament Fees: Example: Teams entering the Washington Tournament System from Idaho will pay the WA State fee of $125.00 for the season, covering all tournaments they become eligible for. Teams entering the Idaho State Tournament System will pay the Idaho State fee of $75 per qualifying tournament and $100 for the North or South state championship.
  5. Tournament Dates and Locations: For a list if tournament locations and dates in both Idaho and Washington please see the following pages:
    Washington Tournament Schedule || Idaho Tournament Schedule

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