Summer Promotional Opportunity

Junior FIRST® LEGO® League and FIRST LEGO League Promotional Opportunity - Summer Showings of the LEGO Movie

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Is a local movie theater or community group showing The LEGO Movie as a summer event in your area? This can be a great opportunity to share FIRST with other kids and their families who already like LEGO and building in your community. Help them break the mold and become the Master Builders they are meant to be!

Step 1: Contact the theater or group hosting the movie in your area. Ask them if you can set up a booth or display about FIRST and your team. Be prepared to explain about FIRST LEGO League and why you want to do this. Ask the group how many people they expect to attend the event.

Step 2: Make sure you have enough team members to attend the event, many events are during the day (matinees) and not everyone will be able to come. Bring as much of your team as you can and a few adults too!

Step 3: Once you have permission to set up a booth or display register your team’s event on the University of Idaho Extension Robotics Google Form.
We will send you, or you can download copies of “How to Start a FLL Team” and “How to Start a Jr.FLL Team.”

Step 4: If you have permission, bring your FLL table and set it up to demonstrate what the robot aspect of FIRST LEGO League looks like. Your Core Values Poster, your robot, and any team shirts, flags, or other displays can help make your space attractive and interesting for the event attendees.

Step 5: Be ready to talk prior to the movie and when the movie lets out.  Bring your Gracious Professionalism, and share your personal experiences with FIRST. Make sure the people you talk to know how to find the Idaho ROKS website & Facebook page so they can find more information to form their own teams.

Step 6: Take pictures! Share your photos on the University of Idaho Extension Robotics Facebook page, and make sure you print some for your Core Values Poster and/or Engineering Notebook. If you don’t Facebook, please email us your favorite photos and let us know how it worked!