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How to Start a Team

What is a FTC team?

Teams can be formed around a school classroom, after-school program, extracurricular group, home school, a group of friends, neighborhood kids, a club, or civic organization. The definition of a team is that it consists of at least 3 youth grades 7 to 12 and at least one adult coach, with additional student or professionals as mentors.

  • Boys and girls self-organize into teams. FIRST and University of Idaho Extension Robotics do not form teams.
  • A youth can be a team member on only one FTC team.
  • A coach or mentor can be the coach or mentor for multiple teams, and they can switch roles between teams.
  • Every team must have at least one adult coach – additional coaches and mentors are encouraged.
  • The younger age limit is flexible. However, FTC is intended to be a suitable challenge for high school students.
  • FIRST recommends teams of around 10 students to ensure all youth are able to contribute.

How do I form a team?

There are always interested kids, they just need a coach. No experience is necessary to coach - you do not need to be an engineer! Coaches can be parents, teachers or volunteers.

  • Hold an informational meeting for your school or group in spring or very early in September – explain the program, timeframe, costs, and the need for coaches.
  • Recruit mentors or other coaches. Talk to parents, your PTO/PTA, your principal, your school district, or an interested teacher.
  • Recruit volunteers to present ideas to the team to help them with building, crafting, fundraising, or programming.
  • Recruit sponsors to help offset costs or provide non-cash gifts such as access to machinery.

How much does it cost?

Team Costs (based on the 2014-2015 costs)
Program Registration Fee $275
FTC Full Tetrix Competition Kit (Including Mindstorms) $665
Or, FTC Tetrix Competition Kit (Without Mindsortms) Or $525
FTC Tetrix Resource Kit (Recommended) $199
Software Renewal Kit (Returning Teams Only) Free
Samantha WiFi Module $85
Idaho Event Registration Fee* $100
Tavel Costs - food, lodging, gas, etc. $0 - $500
Team T-shirts (optional) $0 - $150
Additional Parts - sensors, motors, etc (optional) $0 - $500
*FTC teams are eligible to attend tournaments inside and outside of their regions. Tournament registration fees vary. The fee for the Idaho FTC Championship Tournament is $100 per team.