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Ring It Up! 2012-2013 Idaho FTC Championship robots

Idaho FIRST Tech Challenge

FIRST® Tech Challenge (FTC) is an exciting student-centered program that uses real world technology and programming to give students a unique and stimulating Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) learning experience. FTC allows students ages 12 to 18 to work hand-in-hand with technical professionals to develop a solution to the annual challenge. The students do the majority of the work with mentors there to offer guidance, suggestions, and coaching to keep the students on task and successful. Students who participate in FIRST use and reflect Gracious Professionalism, get real-world application of STEM concepts, and participate in an atmosphere that encourages team building, entrepreneurship, and sportsmanship that they take back to their communities.

"The hardest fun we ever had."  – anonymous FTC team member

Important Dates

  • Register Your Team Now: Opened May 7, 2015
  • FTC Game Reveal: August, 2015
  • Idaho Tournament Registration Opens for Idaho Teams: November, 2015
  • FTC Magic Valley Scrimmage: TBA
  • FTC North Idaho Scrimmage: TBA
  • Idaho Tournament Registration Opens to Teams Outside Idaho: TBA
  • University of Idaho Extension Robotics Regional FTC Championship: February, 2015 - TBA