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My America: Building A Democracy

Active CitizensExplore citizenship through a multi-media series focusing on the democratic process. Build skills in communication and cooperation, learn how laws are made, and how your voice matters. Suitable for both Cloverbuds and older members.
Project Requirements
  • My America (Cloverbuds) | pdf | 
  • My America (older members) pdf | 
Some counties may have additional requirements. Contact your 4-H leader or county extension office to learn more.
Member Materials
  • Cloverbuds Memory Book (members in grades K-2) | pdf |
  • My America: Building a Democracy Project Guidelines and Workbook*
  • My America: Building a Democracy Videos*
  • 4-H Involvement Report | docpdf |

Leadership Materials

  • My America: Building a Democracy, Suggestions for Leaders*
  • My America: Building a Democracy (user guide, worksheets, and supplemental information for each video)*
  • Teaching in a Multicultural Society Video*
  • Parents, Teachers, and Community: Working Together Video*
  • Teacher Training Video*

Optional Supporting Materials*

Project Videos:
  • What is a Flag? (Recommended for grades K-3)*
  • A Pledge is a Promise (Recommended for grades K-4)*
  • Neighborhood and Community (Recommended for grades 2-8)*
  • Liberty and Justice (Recommended for grades 2-8)*
  • The Story of the National Anthem (Recommended for grades 2-6)*
  • What is an American? (Recommended for grades 3-8)*
  • What is a Democracy (Recommended for grades 3-8)*
  • How our Laws are Made (Recommended for grades 3-8)*
  • Become an Active Citizen (Recommended for grades 3-8)*
  • Rights and Responsibilities (Recommended for grades 4-8)*

*Available through your county extension office.