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Operation: Military Kids

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Operation Military Kids

Speak Out For Military Kids

Speak Out for Military Kids
Speak Out for Military Kids | pdf |


SOMK is a youth-directed activity sponsored by OMK. This program is designed for military and non-military youths in grades 7-12, and teaches how to use media, technology, citizenship and public speaking skills to advocate for military connected youths affected by the global war on terrorism. Participants gain leadership, research, organization, and public speaking skills while raising community awareness.

Training sessions are scheduled throughout the year. SOMK youths are invited to plan or attend events for military children throughout Idaho. For more information, contact OMK

Express Yourself!

EY! is our new youth leadership group which focuses on teaching teambuilding and leadership skills. Youths will participate in activities that require critical thinking, problem solving, communication skills, public speaking, collaboration, team-building, leadership skills, and creativity. 

Designed for ages 9 & up who can join this group at any stage. You can also start a group in your region.

Activities include:

  • Skit in a Bag
  • Writing Exercises
  • Speak Out for Military Kids Training
  • Blind-Team Building Exercises
  • Balloon Party
  • Tangrams
  • Tanks and Controllers
  • Zip Zap Zop