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University of Idaho College of Engineering Next Generation Microelectronics Research Center (NGeM)

Microelectronics Education

Introduction to Electronic Packaging
Course No.: ECE418/518 / MSE418/518
Instructor: Aicha Elshabini, Ph.D. & Fred Barlow, Ph.D.

This course serves as an introduction to electronic packaging and “back-end” microelectronic processes. Topics include substrate design & fabrication, SMT & first level assembly, clean room protocol, thermal design, simulation, and process considerations.

Prerequisite: ECE 310 Fundamentals of Electronics.

Text: Advanced Electronic Packaging, Edited by R. Ulrich & W. D. Brown, IEEE Press, Piscataway, NJ, 2006, ISBN # 0471466093

Introduction to Microelectronics Fabrication
Course No.: ECE404/504
Instructor: Aicha Elshabini, Ph.D. & Fred Barlow, Ph.D.

This course serves as an introduction to the fabrication of microelectronic devices. Topics include the basics of IC structures, clean room protocol, photolithography, film growth and deposition, as well as IC interconnect technologies.

Prerequisite: Fundamentals of Electronics (ECE 310) or Introduction to Electrical
Circuits (ENGR 240)

Text: Introduction to Microelectronics Fabrication, Richard C. Jaeger,
ISBN: 0-201-44494-7, 2002 2nd edition, Publisher: Prentice Hall

Power Electronics and Drives
Course No.: EE427
Instructor: Fred Barlow, Ph.D.

Characteristics, limitations, and application of solid state power devices; induction machines; analysis and application of AC and DC drives; practical aspects of power electronic converter design, including rectifiers and inverters; choppers, AC phase control, device gating techniques, and snubbers.

Text:   Power Electronics, Muhammad H Rashid (ISBN: 0-13-101140-5 3rd edition 2004, Pearson / Prentice Hall).

Semiconductor Devices

Course No.: EE460
Instructor: Fred Barlow, Ph.D.

Crystal structure, quantum mechanics, engergy band, and statistical mechanics of semiconductor devices; carrier transportation, PN junction and heterojunctions structure, and Mosfet structure; electro optics.

Text:   Semiconductor Physics and Devices: Basic Principles 3rd edition, Donald A. Neamen, ISBN: 0-07-232107-5, 2003, McGraw-Hill Higher Education