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Email: expo@uidaho.edu

875 Perimeter Drive MS 1011
Moscow, ID 83844-1011

Engineering Club and Class Projects

ASME Micro Baja
We are designing and building a remote control car that will compete in three races; speed, slalom, and baja.

Project Department: Mechanical Engineering
Advisors: Steve Beyerlein, Brittany Ballard (grad student advisor)

Team Members:
Caitlin Owsley - Mechanical Engineering
Tory Kampfer - Mechanical Engineering
Fernando De La Garza - Mechanical Engineering
Zach Browning - Mechanical Engineering
Josh Bouma - Mechanical Engineering
Jordan Maag - Mechanical Engineering
Eric Sprague - Mechanical Engineering
Chris Enzler - Mechanical Engineering

Society of Automotive Engineers - Formula Hybrid Car Club maintains the existing formula car along with driver training and assisting the manufacturing process of the new formula car.

Project Department: Mechanical Engineering
Project Sponsor: University of Idaho
Advisor: Steven Beyerlein

Team Members:
Zack Porter - Mechanical Engineer
Chris Eacker - Mechanical Engineer
Chris Enzler - Mechanical Engineer
Nathan Repp - Mechanical Engineer
Josh Foss - Mechanical Engineer
Josh Hartung - Mechanical Engineer
Justin Ruegsegger - Mechanical Engineer
Justin Shook - Mechanical Engineer
Steven Hieb - Mechanical Engineer
Bobby Jackson - Mechanical Engineer
Cody Brumett - Mechanical Engineer
Corey Adrian - Mechanical Engineer
Matt Montgomery - Mechanical Engineer
Brian Norman - Mechanical Engineer

Idaho Space Grant Consortium's RISE Program
RISE is a class offered every semester on campus. There are currently ~30 undergraduates involved in the program. Every semester, a weather balloon carrying equipment designed by the class is launched. Recent projects include collaboration with Jet Propulsion Laboratory, as well as NASA Ames.

Project Department: Biological & Agricultural Engineering, Chemical & Materials Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
Project Sponsor: Idaho Space Grant Consortium
Advisor: Dr. Dave Atkinson

Team Members:
Kevin Ramus - Electrical Engineering
Kim Baird - Electrical Engineering
Carlos Gonzalez - Electrical Engineering
Gabe Wilson - Electrical Engineering
Rory Riggs - Electrical Engineering
Sean Wagoner - Computer Science
Walter Taresh - Mechanical Engineering
George Korbel - Mechanical Engineering

IEEE International Future Energy Challenge
A high efficiency induction motor drive system was developed to supply emergency drinking water to rural areas. The drive is powered by a 215 Watt solar panel and had simple on/off controls.

Project Department: Electrical & Computer Engineering
Project Sponsor: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
Advisor: Dr. Ken Noren

Team Members:
Stacey Page-Electrical Engineering
Nik Urlaub-Electrical Engineering
Andrew Wajda-Electrical Engineering
Ian Higginson-Electrical Engineering
Kim Baird-Electrical Engineering
Gabriel Wilson-Electrical Engineering

ME421/521 Advanced CATIA
Showcasing the final projects of juniors and seniors enrolled in the ME421/521 CATIA course. Room redesigns, large-scale modeling projects, and CAD/CAM validation will be presented.

Project Department: Mechanical Engineering
Advisors: Steven Beyerlein; Edwin Odom

Team Members:
Ben Reed - Mechanical Engineering
Jessie Aldecoa - Mechanical Engineering
Josiah Savino - Mechanical Engineering
Caitlin Owsley - Mechanical Engineering
Kysen Palmer - Mechanical Engineering
Mike McLean - Mechanical Engineering
Justin Shook - Mechanical Engineering
Wes Anderson - Mechanical Engineering
Josh Foss - Mechanical Engineering
Robert Jackson - Mechanical Engineering
Cameron Hjeltness - Mechanical Engineering
Dylan Rinker - Mechanical Engineering
Justin Dilworth - Mechanical Engineering
Brian Lockner - Mechanical Engineering
Daniel Elsbury - Mechanical Engineering
Brian Stafford - Mechanical Engineering
Zach Porter - Mechanical Engineering

Space Elevator
A small model of the space elevator concept: we would be presenting a solar cell array that has been constructed, as well as various other parts of the space elevator climber system.

Project Department: Electrical & Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
Project Sponsor: Brian Johnson
Advisor: Brian Johnson

Team Members:
Adrian Aspinall- Electrical Engineering