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Opportunities in Computer Security and Information Assurance

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What the Federal CyberCorps Scholarship for
Service program offers

The University of Idaho has received a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant that provides support for outstanding students studying in all fields of information assurance, including computer security, network security, computer forensics, forensic accounting, secure communications and cryptography. The NSF Federal CyberCorps Program offers Scholarship for Service (SFS) fellowships for graduate and undergraduate students studying Computer Science or Computer Engineering at the University of Idaho. All students receive fellowship stipends and all tuition and fees.

The SFS program awards new fellowships each semester, but the application process is competitive, so applicants should submit their materials at least four months prior to their desired start. Students can be in the program for one to three years, but are required to graduate within that time frame and then begin a period of paid service to the Federal Government equal to the time for which they received scholarship support.

Both graduate and undergraduate fellowships are allowed, but all participants must be enrolled full-time in a degree seeking program that results in a BS MS or PhD degree within two to three years of the initial date of scholarship funding. Only students enrolled in Computer Science or Computer Engineering programs are eligible. All students will be completing normal University of Idaho degrees, but there will be additional activities that are specially created for SFS students.