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CSDS Symposium Series

Every other Thursday
2:30-3:30 PM JEB 25

Deriving Well Typed Programs Written in the Weakly Typed Programming Language C: A Formalism of the C Type System and a Static C Source Code Type Checking Tool

Kevin Krause
October 2, 2014

In this talk, I will share my dissertation research with respect to the type safety problem persistently plaguing the C programming language since its introduction. Because C is not type safe, programs written in C can produce unexpected results and behaviors. Both can leave the program and the system in which it is executing vulnerable to hostile attacks or failure.

The talk begins with background material that differentiates the concepts of security and safety, and explores the problem space. The talk continues with sharing my contributions toward solving the type safety problem in terms of formalizing the language and introducing a prototype static analysis tool that scans an abstraction of C source code looking for actual and potential type safety violations.

CSDS Symposiums Series upcoming guest speakers

October 16, 2014 – To Be Announced
October 30, 2014 – Dr. Sara Eftekharnejad
November 13, 2014 – Dr. Graham Hubbs
December 11, 2014 – Dr. Kristin Haltinner and Dr. Kevin Chang


The Cyber Security Symposium: Public-Private Partnerships

April 7 & 8th, 2015

Coeur d'Alene Resort, Coeur d'Alene, ID

The Cyber Security Symposium: Public-Private Partnerships is an opportunity for academic researchers and software and system developers from the industry and from the government to meet and discuss state of the art processes related to cyber security, which will include practice research and technologies. This symposium seeks submissions from academia, the industry, and the government to present innovative research, case studies, and the best practices on all practical and theoretical aspects of cyber security.

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