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Meet our Staff

Meg Stephenson, EOC Project Director, Idaho TRiO EOC
(208) 364-9925
Meg’s role as EOC Director daily reminds her that the practice of “education” offers a seemingly endless array of challenges. “I continually meet adults who astonish me with their unique situations, their unmet needs or their inventive resourcefulness.” Her master's degree in Adult Education from the University of Idaho has proven to be a good fit within this arena. Her daily interactions with people underscore the tough situations that marginalized, low-income adults face when considering going back to school. But, with persistence and support, the opportunity for school success becomes a shared goal and a true achievement.
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Tracy Labraaten, Educational Specialist, Idaho TRiO EOC
(208) 364-9925
Tracy has a bachelor’s degree in sociology and a master’s degree in Public Administration, both from Boise State University. Tracy has a social work and advocacy background. She worked as a case manager and residential staff member at the Women’s and Children’s Alliance, a domestic and sexual violence shelter for women and children, prior to coming to TRIO. Tracy has a passion for working with all types of students and helping them overcome barriers to furthering their education.
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Holly Kimbrell, Educational Specialist, Idaho TRiO EOC
(208) 364-9925
Holly has a bachelor’s degree in Social Science from Boise State University. Her background includes 15 years at BSU in various aspects of adult learning and work in case management at a refugee resettlement agency. While she loved working with people from all over the world, she returned to higher education as she feels education is the key that allows people to improve their lives. Holly’s previous work experience serves the EOC well as she works to help students access a variety of post-secondary programs.
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Maribel Padron, Project Specialist, Idaho TRiO EOC
(208) 364-9925
Maribel has an undergraduate degree in Social Science and a master of arts in Counseling from Boise State University. She has experience serving children, teens and adults in various settings from non-profit, public education to higher education. Maribel understands the tremendous need to help underrepresented populations bridge the gap from secondary education to post-secondary opportunities. She is thrilled to be helping with this process.
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